My Background

I am a fully qualified Integrative-Relational counsellor and psychotherapist, with previous experience of offering counselling services in a NHS setting and community services.

My counselling approach is informed by both psychodynamic and humanistic theories so as to carefully create a space where your presenting issues, be it from early years or the present moment,  can be unpacked and integrated in a holistic and life enhancing way.

My Approach

As an integrative counsellor, I use several approaches to best meet your individual needs. I aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment so as to encourage you to freely express your feelings and thoughts, a place to be truly heard.

As a relational counsellor, I understand most emotional injuries happen in relation – which is why the therapeutic relation between you and I can become the vehicle for exploring past hurt and also find new ways to integrate these experiences in a way that supports and benefits you.

I will work at your own pace, where I don’t believe change can be forced but that once you look honestly and compassionately at where you are at, it invariably follows.

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